Five ways to improve your commute

Commuting in and around the Leesburg area is not always easy. From congested rush hours, to frequent road construction, driving to and from work or around town for errands can take much longer than expected. The good news is that, with automotive innovations and gadgets, there are many ways to improve your daily commute.

Music to your ears

Have you ever driven past someone on the highway who is clearly singing out loud as they drive? Music helps make traffic and long commutes more enjoyable for many drivers. Gone are the days of carrying around homemade cassette tapes or CD organizers with all of your favorite music. Satellite music from Sirius XM provides entertainment for every musical ear or interest. For example, the Kia Optima Hybrid offers Sirius XM radio and allows you to use your smartphone to access your musical library with their UVO Powered by Microsoft® Infotainment System and Infinity audio system with eight speakers, turning your commute into a concert­hall experience.

Hands-free communications

A morning or afternoon commute can be the perfect time to catch up with colleagues or take care of any phone calls. Safe and convenient hands-free technologies make it possible to multitask while on the road. The Chrysler 300 is a perfect example with its Uconnect Phone, a voice­activated communication system that allows you to pair up to seven Bluetooth compatible phones and talk virtually hands­free. You do not even need to take their eyes off the road to search for a contact as the system is clever enough to synchronize with your phone's address book - up to 1,000 entries - every time you get into your vehicle.

Three car apps for every commute

New apps hit the market every day, and a great app can help make any commute easier. One app that has wowed commuters and travelers is Waze, a community-based traffic and navigation app for Apple and Android devices, that has more than 30 million users. Users provide up-to-date information on traffic and road alerts, which helps drivers know what to expect in real time using voice guided navigation. Another app for drivers is Gas Buddy  - for Apple, Windows, Blackberry, and Android devices - which helps commuters find the cheapest gas stations. A third app, makes it easy to remember and keep track of your car's maintenance needs. Car Minder  - for both Apple and Google devices - manages maintenance needs and tracks fuel economy, making it so you never have to wonder when you car needs something.

Java to go

Whether you need a morning pick me up, or an afternoon jolt, coffee can be your best friend on a long commute. Using the Starbucks mobile app, you can find the nearest store near you, pay for your latté or snack, and earn reward points (hopefully one of those closest locations will have a drive thru option). Once you have your beverage, whether you are a water, soda, coffee, or tea fan, keeping your drink level and accessible is key.  Accessories such as  the Ram Drink Mount keep your beverage secure during your commute, regardless of how many starts and stops you make in the bumper to bumper traffic.

Gadgets and more!

One thing that can ruin a day is when your smartphone looses power early in the day.  Finding ways to power up on the go, especially in the car, can make or break a long commute, especially if you were hoping to take care of phone calls or listen to your favorite smartphone playlist. One way to juice up is to use in-car sources, such as the USB ports that are popping up in more and more cars each year. Another way is to carry portable chargers. One favorite charging device is the Mophie, known for its ability to fully charge iPhones to full power quickly. Another fun accessory for your power and commuting needs is the Timbuk2 Power Commute Laptop Messenger Bag . Beyond holding your devices, this bag actually has a built-in Joey Energy charging pack that powers most smartphones and iPads, to make sure that you are never without power on your commute.

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Ride on, Leesburg. 

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