The chilly spring is giving way to flowers finally blooming outside our Leesburg showroom, which means one thing: spring cleaning. 

Seven ways to spring clean your car on the inside and out

1. Clean out the interior. From floor mats to the insides of cup holders, car interiors deserve to be spruced up in the spring.  All weather floor mats can be hosed down whereas carpeted floor mats can be vacuumed and cleaned of stains. It is also good idea to vacuum seats and clean stains before new road trips, sports seasons, and summer travel start. If you are lucky, your car will have stain resistant fabric like the Kia Optima's cloth seats with Clean Tex an anti stain fabric.  Vacuum attachments are great to catch all the debris in cup holders and underneath seats. Moveable seats, like in the Chrysler Town & Country mini van make it easy to vacuum into the nooks and crannies that otherwise can turn into museums of snack crumbs and debris.  

2. Switch our your wiper blades. Spring cleaning is a great time to replace older wiper blades or clean newer blades that saw a lot of use with the snow, slush, and ice of winter.

3. Check your tires. Tires should always be checked in the spring as the winter weather and potholes can take their toll.  Use a tire gauge to check tire pressure against the recommended pressure for your vehicle and particular type of tire (usually listed in your car manual). 

4.Check your oil. Oil changes should be done every three to four months depending on your driving mileage, but our service technicians recommend a spring tune up not just change the oil but top off all the fluids your car needs.

5. Wash your car. Washing your car thoroughly can remove the layer of salt and grime that accumulates, returning your car to its original color.  Having a pickup truck like the RAM 1500 where you can just hose off the out makes washing quick and efficient. 

6. Wax your car. Late March and early April are the perfect time to wax your car so that when the spring rains come, rain will roll right off. 

7. De-clutter your car. As winter comes to an end, many cars show the signs of the season with remnants of winter apparel and tools in the trunk or strewn in the back seat. From hats, scarves, and gloves, to ice scrapers, emptying out the winter clutter can make a car feel like new.  

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