2014 Dodge Charger Pursuit Pulls Ahead with All-Wheel Drive

Even the police department here in Sarasota, FL, look to the notoriously difficult Michigan State Police Vehicle Evaluation Test to help decide which vehicles to buy for their officers.  With that said it should be noted that the HEMI-equipped Dodge Charger Pursuit  currently holds the test's Grattan Raceway record.  Plus, with the Pentastar V6-equipped car taking the V6 and E85-capable records, it's easy to see why the vehicle is popular with police departments.  To continue to distance itself from the pack Dodge is bringing even better performance to their police car with the option of an All-Wheel Drive HEMI engine and as well as a whole list of other  features  so it's ready for all types of  Pursuits.

All-Wheel-Drive with Better Handling and Fuel Economy

To achieve better fuel economy even with the all-wheel  drive system, engineers had to come up with a  new active transfer case which can disconnect the front driveshaft and axle from the rest of the drivetrain.  So under normal driving, only the rear wheels are powered thus providing better fuel economy and while also offering the same handling characteristics of the standard Pursuit model.  The transfer case automatically engages the front wheels as needed, providing extra traction on difficult terrain.

A Long List of Improvements

The big news may be the AWD system, but there are plenty of new features to give the Pursuit better real-world performance:

  • Secure Park ensures an idling vehicle cannot be driven away without the key fob being inside.
  • Changes to the rear clip and stronger exhaust tips reduce the possibility of damage when crossing highway medians.
  • An updated rear suspension provides better performance at high speeds and new larger brake rotors help improve braking ability.
  • The vehicle has a new, more durable fuel pump.
  • Cars can be ordered straight from Sunset Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram with Mopar vinyl graphics applied to order at the factory.
  • Improved engine efficiency  due to a new variable-displacement air conditioner compressor
  • ParkSense rear park assist is also an available option, making it easier to back into tight parking spaces.

Are you interested? Contact Dulles Motorcars in Leesburg, and they can help you find the right Dodge Charger Pursuit for your department's needs.

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