Improving Your Fuel-Efficiency without Switching to a Hybrid

If you are starting to feel the pain of rising gas prices but not completely sold on buying a hybrid or electric vehicle, there are simpler ways to restrict your gas usage. If you find that your car has less real-world fuel efficiency than its rating or if you just want to see if you can do better, take a look at the way you are using and maintaining your vehicle.

Driving Style

Driving slower will not only reduce your chance of getting in an accident, it will also increase your car's fuel efficiency. Reducing from 70 mph to 60 mph will save 2-4 miles per gallon per trip. Also, limit the amount of throttle you use. Accelerating slowly and coasting to a stop will save additional miles per gallon, as well as limit the amount of wear and tear on your brakes. Finally, keeping your windows down instead of using the air conditioning at low speeds and keeping your windows rolled up when driving on the highway can further increase fuel economy by 5-8%.

Vehicle Maintenance

A few simple maintenance items can help your car run longer and more efficiently. Follow the manufacturer's recommended maintenance as listed in your owner's manual and you can see up to a 4% increase in fuel economy. Keeping your tires filled at the recommended pressure can increase fuel economy additionally by over 3 percent. Finally, make sure to keep your oil change up to date and use only the manufacturer's specified motor oil.


Just because you don't want to buy a hybrid doesn't mean that you can't get more distance out of your gas tank. Try some of these tips and see how far you will go.

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