Throwback Thursday: Cheap and Ugly Subaru?

Would you take home an ugly, cheap little car? That's what Subaru was counting on when they introduced their first vehicle, the Subaru 360, to the American market.

You can't help but feel affectionate toward this little underdog. Like Cyrano de Bergerac, the Subaru of the late 60s was ugly on the outside, but passionate and poetic within.

The loveable traits of this iconic little car have made it a favorite among collectors.

Of course, the Subaru 360 couldn't hold a candle to our Subaru lineup of today. Every 2015 Subaru that the NHTSA has crash tested passed with the highest overall safety rating, 5 stars. In contrast the 360, we confess, was as unsafe as its diminutive size suggested. 

Modern Subaru can go more places, too. Perhaps they're too large to drive down a floating dock, but with capable 4WD, they can tackle snow, mud, and mountainous roads like no one's business.

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