Is 1,000 lb-ft Torque Around the Corner?

The advances in torque in the last decade have been truly amazing. Now, the top models are reaching a new plateau. In 2000, you might have seen maximums for torque at 400 or 500 pound-feet. The new Ram 2500 Cummins Turbo Diesel I6 engine can deliver 800 pound-feet torque, and a 17,980 lbs towing capacity. Thus, the 2017 figures have nearly doubled.

Is 1,000 pound-feet torque around the corner?

Torque is a difficult concept for many. It basically means "twisting force" and is key to the Ram 2500's towing power. Most diesel engines provide more torque than gasoline engines. And even as impressive as these numbers are, some are pushing the envelope further. At a dyno event sponsored by a diesel group, Randy Strey used his 2006 Ram to hit 2,000 pound-feet torque. Of course, this was a customized beast, but since it was in the Ram family, it demonstrates future potential torque.
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