What's A Brake Adjustment Versus An Inspection?

Brakes wear down as time and mileage progresses. Since they are made of moving parts, they wear against each other and produce wear on the parts they interact with. There is another system involved, and that is the fluids and the pressure needed to run the brakes. This whole system works together to ensure that your vehicle will slow down or stop each and every time you hit the brakes.

You need to have your brakes inspected on a regular basis, in order to determine what is needed to make your brakes work correctly. An adjustment is usually the result of an inspection. The service technician, upon inspection of your system, might need to make adjustments, such as tighten hoses or refill fluids. At any rate, it is of paramount importance to have your brakes inspected and adjusted only by an authorized service technician. Stop by our service department and our professional technicians will be happy to help.

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