AWD and 4WD simplified

Drive wheels are wheels that are governed by the drivetrain, and with all-wheel drive all of the tires are spun by the drive train. A four-wheel drive vehicle typically has the option of turning the four-wheel drive on or off so that either all four tires are being powered or only two. So, one can quickly see that depending on the needs of a vehicle by the driver they have many options in each category to explore.

For those people that are looking for an all-wheel-drive, they can either pick a crossover, a small sport-utility vehicle, or a passenger card. For those that are looking for four-wheel drive vehicles, they can shop for pickup trucks and for sport utility vehicles.

Here at Dulles Motorcars we have a wide selection of all of these vehicles, so stop by and have a look for yourself to decide which vehicle you think is the right one for you.
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