Chrysler is a classic American automaker. Whether you want a van or sedan, Chrysler offers two popular vehicle models that you should look into. At our dealership in Leesburg, VA, we include both new and used Chrysler vehicles as part of our inventory.

If you are a fan of Chrysler, you should take some time to explore the available Chrysler models before you decide on which vehicle you want. The currently available Chrysler models you'll want to know about are the Pacifica and the 300.

The Chrysler Pacifica

If you're looking for a minivan, you need to explore the features of the Pacifica. The Pacifica is one of the top-rated models in the minivan class. Some of the reasons why it is ranked so high are that it has an attractive, upscale interior, impressive fuel economy for a minivan, a variety of special features, and a pleasing ride. You can buy the Pacifica new or used because it has consistently ranked high among minivan models over the last few years. The 2019 model did not offer any significant changes from the previous year model. However, the 2019 model received several awards, and the Pacifica only debuted as a Chrysler model in 2017.

The Pacifica has a spacious interior and can seat as many as seven people. In terms of total cargo space, the Pacifica offers up to 32.3 cubic feet of storage when all of the seats are in the up position. The vehicle is a front-wheel-drive vehicle and gets 287 horsepower thanks to its V6 engine with a capacity of 287 horsepower. One of the reasons why the Pacifica is so popular among minivans is that it gets such good gas mileage. The Pacifica can get a total of 18 miles per gallon when it's driven in urban environments like Ashburn. The vehicle gets 28 miles per gallon when it's driven on the highway.

The Chrysler 300

The Chrysler 300 is a spacious sedan. If you want a spacious vehicle interior but don't need as much space as an SUV offers, the Chrysler 300 may be right for you. Some of the most commonly mentioned advantages of driving this vehicle are that its engine is powerful, its infotainment system is easy to use, and the interior offers an upscale elegance. The Chrysler 300 offers a 292-horsepower V6 engine and has over 16 cubic feet of space in its trunk. Those who want a bit more in terms of performance can opt for the engine upgrade. The 300 also has an option for a V8 engine that offers 363 horsepower. Drivers note that the V8 engine allows for much faster acceleration.

Despite its large size, the 300 still manages to get pretty decent gas mileage for its size and class. In the city, the 300 will get 19 miles per gallon. On the highway, the 300 can get as much as 30 miles per gallon. The handling offered by the vehicle is comfortable and smooth.

Those who decide on the 300 for their vehicle will need to decide between the various trim levels available. There are five to choose from. They are the Touring, Touring L, 300S, 300 Limited, and 300C. Those looking for value should probably seriously consider the Touring L and 300S. These model options offer all the best safety and infotainment features the 300 has to offer at a price that is lower than that of the higher trims.

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