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Subaru And Google Partnership Raises Awareness Of Recycling

Step back into the classroom with Subaru and Google to find out how you can make an impact on your local environment! 

Subaru has been able to accomplish what other auto brands have not – Since May 4, 2004, Subaru has completely eliminated the use of a landfill by finding ways to reuse millions of tons of foam and plastic and recycling all other items.

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Subaru Partners with National Parks Service

Our National Parks are a beautiful expression of this country's natural splendor, and a tribute to our wild heritage. They provide breathtaking sights to visitors, and a refuge of unspoiled habitat for animals. Yet, as these parks attract so many guests, they also bring in garbage. 100 million pounds of garbage are thrown away at national parks annually, and end up in landfills. Subaru is here to help clean things up: In 2004, Subaru became the first United States manufacturer to achieve zero
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Improving Your Fuel-Efficiency without Switching to a Hybrid


If you are starting to feel the pain of rising gas prices but not completely sold on buying a hybrid or electric vehicle, there are simpler ways to restrict your gas usage. If you find that your car has less real-world fuel efficiency than its rating or if you just want to see if you can do better, take a look at the way you are using and maintaining your vehicle.

Driving Style

Driving slower…

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