Brake Repair Leesburg VA


Brake Repair in Leesburg, VA

Brake service and repair is an incredibly important part of your vehicle's routine maintenance and keeping your vehicle safe on the road. To ensure you are getting the best service possible, we recommend getting brake service at Dulles Motorcars. Our expert service technicians are equipped with the knowledge and equipment to ensure that your vehicle is getting exactly what you need to keep you safe on the road and avoid costly repairs and avoidable accidents. When you're in need of brake service in Loudoun County, rest assured you are in good hands when you are at Dulles Motorcars.

Brake Service & Inspection

Routine brake inspections can help you avoid expensive repairs to your vehicle, as well as getting into an accident due to brake failure. At Dulles Motorcars, we give a thorough inspection of your brake system, by looking over them for any signs of visible damage, as well as measuring the wear on your vehicle's front and rear brake pads, parking brake, rotors, and drums. After giving a complete inspection, our technicians will make necessary repairs to keep your vehicle safe on the road. Our technicians recommend getting a brake inspection every 12,000 miles or at least once per year. Always check your manufacturer's manual for vehicle maintenance schedules.

Common Brake Problems

If you are experiencing any of the problems listed below, please reach out to our service department and schedule brake service immediately.

  • Screaching, squealing, or grinding noise whenever you apply pressure to the brakes
  • Your vehicle's brake warning lights are illuminated on your dashboard
  • Visible brake fluid leaking, sometimes a light yellowish to dark brown color
  • Vehicle is taking much longer to stop than usual or requiring extra pressure when applying the brakes
  • Car is wobbling when operating at highway speeds
  • Steering wheel is shaking while driving